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Do you need independent management and maintenance services for a distressed property?

Do you need to save and reduce your property operating expenses and generating savings 
for tenants and service charge budgets? 

Do you want to increase the rental income of the investment property asset? 

Perhaps you require an independent profesional to discreetly audit and evaluate your suppliers and projects?

If you answered yes to these questions, then call Breight now to provide you with the solutions - cost effective advice, service and support to get business done.

Breight Solutions provide independent property management services with turnkey solutions to reduce building management expenses, maximizing the potential rental income of property - for property owners and receivers, asset management as well as property management firms that may consider outsourcing their management functions and responsibilities. 

Breight Solutions also provide independent audits for contractor services, facilities services and other projects being carried out at the property, ensuring competitive and realistic costs, value for money and assuring the quality of service levels.

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